“Nature reveals to us a beautiful part ourselves

we could not find anywhere else”

Activities & Recreation





• Waterfall

the famous Lata Tampit 7-tier waterfall is accessible through Kebun Rimba Private Estate. A 20 minute forest hike leads you to this glorious testament to natural beauty. Several tranquil pools adorn each level of the falls, and provide a lovely atmosphere for wading or a picnic. Please remember to retain any trash, and not to leave anything behind. Take back whatever came with you!

• Game Room


The Grand Villa is furnished with a small game room where we have provided facilities for pool, various board games, as well as card games.



• Night walks


There is no experience quite like walking through the rainforest on a clear, moonlit night. Experience the jungle coming to life, including a myriad of nocturnal forest animals.





• Nature hikes

Visitors to kebun rimba roam along multiple hiking trails running through the 250 acres of hills and forests surrounding our premises. Take a leisurely stroll on your own, or talk to us about guided hikes.



• Horseback riding


Our partner, bidaisari stables, provides horseback riding experiences, including forest trail rides.